1. Please join us at our ANNUAL STREET FAIR - this year's was held on Saturday, June 9th, 2018 on Columbus Avenue from 96th Street to 106th Street. Our event is held in June every year, join us in 2019!

  2. We have been working closely with the administration of PS 165 and the gardeners of the WEST 111TH STREET PEOPLE'S GARDEN at the corner of Amsterdam. Children planted daffodils in 2017 and received educational content by a consultant from GrowNYC, a nonprofit devoted to improving New York City's quality of life through environmental programs. Check them out at www.GrowNYC.org.

  3. We have also been working with a PS 165 PTA to establish an uptown FLEA MARKET in Manhattan Valley in 2018 to benefit the PTA, as well as local and community entrepreneurs with an opportunity to sell home-made crafts, vintage clothing, jewelry, plus food and drinks. Stay tuned as it develops.

  4. Our latest initiative is MANHATTAN VALLEY TREES - there are over 150 trees missing in Manhattan Valley, and VRLDC is working with the NYC Tree Trust and local elected officials to organize an effort to replace the missing trees.